Affiliate Pharmacy Network is a scum. affiliatepharmacynetwork review.

APN do not pay affiliate for 1 year. APN cheating

I was an affiliate of pharmacy affiliate program ( ) When I switched my traffic from them to another pharma program they have stoped to pay me. It was 1 year ago. Now (7 sept 2010) they owe me $66166.89 and I want to warn other pharma webmasters to avoid this scum partner program.

Here is some screenshots from my account and conversation with Mark Henrey - head of APN, he explain me for more than a year that my money will be paid soon, you need to wait a week, a mount or little bit more... And it is going for a year.

Here is some mails from Mark Henrey, I have got more than 200 mails explaining me why I need to wait for the payment.


From mark Wed Oct 07 22:59:11 2009

Does another USD$40k within 28 days work for you?

I would again like to point out that even if I am at times slow, I can be trusted. I would never steal from you or anybody else.

I would also like to gain point out that I know what happens to people who cheat, and I would not have it any other way.

I say these things so that you will (maybe...) be calm :)

Hope you're well,

From mark Mon Nov 23 17:44:43 2009

I have hit a delay here but try not to go crazy. I am an honest person. It is your money we agree 100%.
I am moving as quickly as possible.
Hope you are well,


From mark Thu Dec 17 18:37:51 2009

You keep asking me the same question over and over. I say again: Dec or Jan. I spoke with the person handling the sale of the other company and he says it is going very well. He is not sure about a Dec close of the transaction, but he seems confident about early Jan. Let's see.

From mark Wed Dec 30 15:29:33 2009

As I have said, I have to wait for the other deal to close. I am expecting that to happen in January.

Happy New Year.



From mark Sun Feb 07 17:49:46 2010

I was thinking about this yesterday. And I realized that there is another possibility that I have not considered, which is that I have made some cultural mistake here. As in: in Russian business culture maybe what I have done is much worse than I realize.

So if its like that I am sorry. I really am.

I agree with you that the situation needs to change, and quickly, which is why I have stopped everything until you are paid.

I am a normal person. I am living a very modest life these days, hopefully only temporarily. There is not some huge pile of money which I am not sending you.

As I say, I am focused on YOU now, because I agree with you this has taken too long.

I expect excellent progress in February on several fronts. I know you are not happy with APN, but I am fixing it.



From mark Wed Feb 24 07:49:51 2010

If I have learned anything from this it is that "talk is cheap" -- do you have that expression in Russian?
So I do not want to say anything. But I again give you my word and I again say it is very close.
I will e-mail you this Thursday or Friday with the date.

I still think APN is a good program. I am very proud of it. Perhaps I am delusional.


From mark Tue Mar 23 12:17:24 2010

I am definitely NOT scum. My word is all I have.

If you have not been paid (as you have not) then there must be a very, very good explanation.

The fact that you are willing to threaten me, etc. is the reason why I don't give you more information except believe me, EVERYTHING possible is being done to pay you.



From mark Thu Apr 08 17:33:23 2010

Last week I was told that the other deal (nothing to do with pharma but enough $ to pay everything) was expected to close this week. I am going to see them tomorrow, so I'lll know.

From mark Thu Jun 17 14:01:20 2010  

I swear on my life -- I do not have the money, but I will get it.

You don't need to do ANYTHING. I am an honest person. I am genuinely
sorry for the delay.

I will make this right. I just need time.


From mark Mon Aug 02 00:16:55 2010

Sorry for the delay in responding.
I still don't have your $ but things are improving at APN and I will be able to make partial payment (I think!) this month or next.
Sorry I wish I had better news.  APN has had a lot of problems since you left.  You were excellent for us.



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